Thursday, March 02, 2006

Who's That Making That Nasty Noise?

the committee

Y'all, I am hot like fi-yuh lately. Taking meetings, making meetings. Selling and telling. I'm up in your a$$ like whoa, and you know it.

This dissertation shit...when you get down to the wire? It's nothing. The drama evaporates. Because you know that you have to finish. Because you know that you will finish.

I am not going to be another sad non-matriculating Negro Ph.D! I can't have Jermaine and Tai show me up. And I have a feeling John Wright might seek me out and put a bullet in me for bringing down the race if I didn't get this thing done and dusted. So anyway, I'm looking to have a completed draft by 15 March. I know that's way later than I had planned. Hell, there were periods when I thought that, if I didn't defend by February 28, I was just going to call it quits. But my committee is good, my writing is good, I am good.

L.A., can you hear me? I'm coming for ya, baby.


Electric Mayhem said...

Fuck yeah! The city and I are ready for you when you arrive. If you plan your calendar right, there's the little matter of my birthday party on April 1st that could easily turn into to the "Welcome Ebony" party as well. And fools we aint.

Anonymous said...

Stay in Minneapolis.
It's better there.


Los Angeles

thptpth said...

You got Richard Nixon AND Walt Disney on your committee? Damn, you are one lucky PhD.