Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blaxploitation... As In, My Blax Ass is Getting 'Xploitated.

When you see me coming,
Better step aside.
A lot of men didn't.
A lot of men died.

Yeah...it's looking like a May defense, kids. May! I ask you!


zach said...

May?! Great googly moogly doctor friend, can you bear it? Or will you bare it? (As in your soul, to the bartender...)

I'm still bummed I didn't get to Portland while you were still there. Though I am fully aware of whose fault that was (first name starts with Hobo). But at this rate, by the time I finally make it to LA to visit, you'll be there already!

Anyhoodle, I wish you good luck and money! Which reminds me of a song. Although I think that's God and Money, so I guess I'll wish you God too.

thptpth said...

Hey, May's only two months away. Just think, every day you'll be another day older and deeper in debt.