Monday, February 27, 2006

Back in Black


I'm coming back to you live from the MSP. My broke, tired, scrubs-wearin', still-no-defense-datin' ass got in yesterday morning. So far, I'm staying with the boys; I'll be moving on to a) the farm; b) Tai's house; and c) Sienna's basement in short order. I had to save Tai's place for later because her daughter is too damn cute and I would spend zero time finishing these revisions and 100 percent of the time braiding her hair.

More later, from this dollar store laptop as I find more dollar store wifi hotspots.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sister Nappy Hair Surprise

I'm feeling these sites lately:

1. nappturality

2. Roshini's Hair Journal and How-To

3. Diaspora Hair Care

So far, so good. Still happy to be nappy; still rocking my kinks. As someone who has had nearly continuous chemical processing masking the natural texture of my hair for...close to two decades, it's been surprisingly easy to resist the urge to go Dark & Lovely. I'm sorry, but it's no longer Just For Me. I'm sure you understand. But don't get me wrong -- I love the way my sisters wear their hair, from fly weaves to sleek, slender 'locks, to healthy perms. I even have some affection for those crackhead scrunchy ponytails with one dry inch of defiant hair poking out the back.

I've got the hair in braids right now as I decide exactly how it wants to wear itself, but I'm in no rush. Despite the criminal amounts of rain we've gotten this winter, Jan/Feb in the PDX is no joke: the air is drydrydry. My hair can't take too much. Not yet. I've got to coddle it. Baby it. Tell it I love it. But most of all, I gots to keep this shit covered and protect it for a minute.