Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The 52 in Fifty Two

There are a lot of things I hope to accomplish in the '06 (current contender for the motto: "My Car Will Probably Need to be Fix-ed in 2006-ed"), but among the many -- and there isn't anywhere near 52, but the number probably is in the low teens -- is the commitment to go chemical-free with my hair. Hair and hair issues continue to be a huge psychic investment for the peoples of the diaspora, and it's not possible for a woman of color to straighten her hair, chemically or superficially via heating irons, and do so without making a political statement. But she is likewise unable to do style her hair "naturally" without that, too, coming to "mean" something. It's a topic I'm very interested in, and I'll be talking more about it here in the future. But anyway, for me, right now, I gotta do what it do. You feel me? So, I made the decision to go chemical free (which for me right now, with my busy schedule, means staying in braids continually) in October of '05. I'm hoping to have a very happy nappy-versary come October '06, kids.

Anyway, if y'all need to break down your own resolutions, revolutions, and evolutions in the new year, why not try one of the following? Your girl will probably be right there with you, attempting to get some things right.

The 101 in 1001
The inspiration behind the inspiration for the 52 in Fifty Two(I got it from Jason Toney over at Negro, Please if you really want to know

photo courtesy of http://www.oit.edu.tw


Snuffy said...

I wanna see pictures of your hair! I love hair and hair issues. I feel like I'm the only woman at FTOTZ still relaxing her hair!

I'm glad you have a blog. I'll be adding the feed to my Yahoo page.

Adams said...

Girl, my hair is to' up from the flo' up. Broke down from the top down. I still haven't decided exactly what I want to do with it, and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure what made me decide to do this. Right now, I'm just wearing individual box braids (that I'm learning to do myself, so I look a little crack-ish). Pictures to come!