Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Big Year-End Crap Up

You Take the Good. You Take the Bad. You Take Them Both. And There You Have: The Craps of Life—

The Good:

1. The highlight of the year definitely came in the latter third, when I started –and here’s the kicker, kids – finished the 2005 Portland Marathon. I spent a little (ok, a lot ) of time wondering why I didn’t lose more weight in my training; why I couldn’t seem to shave any time off my slowpoke mile pace; why I looked like a jackass in my running clothes instead of a badass like all the rest of the folks on the road; why why why. Fuck that. Fuck that twice. I ran a fucking marathon this year. I’ll stop cursing soon, kids, but first I am going to break my arm patting myself on the back.
2. I quit smoking on July 26, and despite some major jonesin’ I haven’t gone back to my tobacco crutches. Dudes, there are a lot of things I failed to do this year. And as any smoker (or any addict, for that matter) will tell you, you never finish the process of quitting. You can only count the days as they go by, and hope for more clean ones. It’s not like breathing or something. I’m pretty sure that I’ll wake up tomorrow and take a damned breath – I can’t be quite as sure that I won’t wake up tomorrow and want a cigarette so badly that I break down and have one. But if the past 5 months is any indication, chances are good that I will be able to resist the urge.
3. I got a car. True, it’s a temperamental gas bag with one poorly-connected, tinny speaker and a busted right front axle, but it got me around nicely this year. After giving away my beloved Volvo, Boris, before leaving Minneapolis, I thought I’d never have a car again. There were always other , more immediate bills to pay; a car note seemed like a luxury I’d have to put off for awhile. But then my pastor loaned me the Brown Bomber, and apart from the ridiculous insurance payments, the exorbitant gas prices I suffer because of the wack mileage I get, the new alternator last month and the new right front axle this month – it’s been practically free!

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

You got good things ahead. 2006 will be yours, for you will tie up some ends and make it!