Saturday, October 01, 2005

Coming Soon (and you can quote me on this):

1. An essay about James Spader. Slow your roll, bitches -- I don't want your man.
2. A discussion of what I hope to get out of moving to L.A.
3. Some photos of the a-mazing hair concoctions, confections, and confunkshuns I've been playing with and paying for since I got to the PDX. Holla if ya hear me, sisters. It ain't no joke moving to a new city without someplace to get your hair did. Charlie, I miss you, honey!
4. Dissertation notes : this is more for my sake than yours, but as no one but Bernie, Fergus, and Chaput are reading this here, it don't matter!
5. Excepts from various works-in-progress, including my screenplay, some non-fiction pieces, and some ghetto-soul poetry. Kidding! I no longer write poetry. And any reference you find to an "Ebony Adams" poem online ain't me. See previous post "Sui Generis." You gotta trust me on this one. Please. I mean, hey -- if that other Ebony is reading this...girl, good luck to you in all you do. I'm not saying your stuff is bad; it's just not my style.

Anyway, that's all on its way. Keep your eyes on the prize and your hands where I can see 'em.


Fergus said...

This James Spader bit better be good or your gonnna lose me. He could have gone the way of Jaye Davidson straight into no one cares any more!

Adams said...

Please -- if I say I'm going to publish a James Spader piece, you know it's going to be tight! I don't come halfway on Steff McKee, baby!