Friday, August 26, 2005

The First Cut Is The Deepest

There ain't no sense in worrying about making this first post so damned good that I win some kind of trophy. Best to just get down to the get down, eh? Right? So, my brothers and sisters in Christ, let me give you what you need...2005 on it...get live on it. Pick it up:

The Lake Street Get Down is the place where I am going to park my cyber ass up to and until that point that I hire a personal assistant to take over the duties of documenting my life for me -- and said PA moves my ten cent ramblings to some other site.

The Lake Street Get Down is envisioned as a place for me to collect my thoughts regarding...well, anything I happen to be thinking of at the time yours truly parks her rusty dusty in front of the keyboard to type something up. I'd guess -- and I'm going on the fact that I know myself pretty well, and the following is pretty much guaranteed -- that The Get Down will contain 90% effluvia, 5% original material, and 5% incisive wit so cutting you could hurt yourself, boy.

Commence to waiting for the next post, my new friends.

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