Wednesday, August 31, 2005

As If Things Weren't Bad Enough

The people in the Big Easy have ignorance to contend with, too: (note: this link no longer works)

Apparently those white victims of Hurricane Katrina are "finding" things on store shelves; black victims are "looting" those items.

Update 9/3/05: Go to (see link bar at right) for an article on the above, with arguments from both sides on the portrayal of the Gulf Coast victims. And did you see Kanye West go off on this very same thing? You might not have (I didn't) -- they cut [some of] his remarks from the West Coast broadcast. Specifically, his slamming of Bush for not caring about poor black people. Hmmmm..... I mean, yeah, Kanye was having trouble getting his point across, but I couldn't help but agree with some of his remarks that I did get to hear. We'll see how his statements play out in the next few days. Fox News has already been demonizing those citizens who had to be evacuated (largely black, largely poor) for "choosing" to stay.

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