Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another Day, Another Dollar

...13$ dollars, actually. That's how much I have left after going to the grocery store with my plasma cash and buying shortening and lunch meat for the week. A sister gotta have her pastrami, neh? Anyway, I needed the shortening for samosas, which I made last night and kicked ass all up and down the avenue before taking a cool-down lap and coming in for a rubdown. There are about 25 samosas left; I'll probably give half to Scooter, since it was his idea for me to make them in the first place.
...To the right you'll find a picture of me and my Boston Baked Bean Sham Marriage and Discount Karaoke Bar partner, Bernadette Van Dyke. It was taken while we were in Las Vegas, sometime in the Pleistocene era. Sadly, my hair doesn't look that different now. In my defense, however, I just woke up, and I got bed-head for reals. It would appear from this photo that I once carried this hairstyle on purpose, which is a frightening thought.
Check out Bernie's blog (which that heffa needs to update with a quickness, as the world is dying, dying, DYING to know what life is like in her new office space) here: www.passthedutch.blogspot.com. Ya feel me? Well, knock it off.

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