Sunday, August 28, 2005

And This is Not My Beautiful House

...the hike went off without a hitch, in case anyone was wondering. 5 miles of treacherous terrain, boldly conquered by your fearless leader. Man, I hiked the hell out of that trail.

This evening (and not this morning, as I had planned) I am going to do my second 14-mile training run in preparation for October 9. That's when I strap a camel-bak full of Powerade Endurance on my back and safety pin 4 mocha Clif Bar energy gels to my ragged t-shirt and run the Portland marathon. Because I am a badass. Excuse me -- I am a badassssssssssss.

Anyway, you'd think that someone running that distance would be a bit more disciplined and hearty, badassssssssssss, but when it comes to exercise, I can think of any excuse not to do it. The only reason I didn't go this morning is because I didn't have any batteries for my walkman. I know it sounds pathetic, but I simply could not face being out there for such a long time (I am a little bit of a brick house, you understand, so I am a very slow runner. It takes me about 148 minutes to run 14 miles) with nothing but my own impoverished imagination to keep me from dropping to my knees and giving up the ghost. So I didn't go. And now I gotta run that bad boy this evening, when it is still hot as heck out there. Smooth move, fool.

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